Application Procedures
Timeline for Major Selection Exercise
For admission in FALL semester For admission in SPRING semester Action
September – October March - April Meet with the Program Director before identifying your faculty advisors.
September – November March - May Identify two faculty members to be your advisors.
September – January March - August Meet and discuss with your advisors regularly throughout the process of creating your individualized curriculum and study plan.
End of January End of August The hardcopy of the IIM proposal should be submitted to the General Office of IPO (Room 4376, Lifts 17/18).
By Mid-February By Early October Selected applicants will be invited to an interview. Selection criteria will be heavily based on the interview performance and the proposed study plan. Students’ academic performance will also be considered.
Late March Late Novemeber Announcement of application result
Fall Spring Registered as an IIM student upon approval from the University
Application Timeline